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A man and a woman become a flesh through the combination of marriage. In marriage, a man is called a husband and a woman is called a wife. Although the current society advocates equality between men and women, the status of women is also increasing, but in marriage usually the wife is required to obey her husband. Couples can increase their feelings through some sexual behaviors, whether they are low, tired, or boring. To a certain extent, sexual behavior can help you to rejuvenate and rejuvenate your spring. Sexual behavior is not just for Meet a person's sexual desire. This is about effective communication and intimacy. Many wives believe that when their husbands lack intimacy, they often feel rejected. Lack of intimacy in marriage often adversely affects both emotional and physical, and their sexual setbacks can also lead to stress, anxiety and low self-esteem.

There are also couples who often complain that they have lost something or that they lack something in their relationship and they complain that there is no passion. Many of these couples have no sexual relationship. They have less than one sexual intimacy each week, and there is almost no one. Therefore, they hope that their partners can express and feel their love in all fields including the body, and they also hope there is some passion between them.

Passion is related to the relationship between partners to a certain extent. If one or both partners are excavated, and if the relationship is exhausted, then it is difficult for the partner to feel passionate and maintain a satisfactory sexual relationship. When you don't have passion and love for your partner, you naturally don't want to have sex with this person. At this time, many men may choose to find a third person to be their partner, start their passion, and maintain their own sexuality life.

If there is another woman joining between the husband and wife, the husband will have one more dating partner. In fact, there is no difference between a threesome date and a husband and wife date. Although it is not so easy to find a perfect trio, because the wife may think that she may share some of her husband’s love for herself, it is not exactly like this, when a third person joins maybe can ease your relationship with your husband and save your marriage, especially when your sexual relationship is tense, your husband will not complain to you about sexual passion, because he can find a new one. A partner to maintain their sexual life. So when there is a problem with your relationship between husband and wife, it is probably a good choice for you to find a bisexual woman to join your life and start a three-person dating. Of course, if the relationship between your husband and wife is good and there are no sexual problems, you can also look for a three-person dating to make your husband's life more enjoyable.

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